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I was eight years old when I was first amazed!  Sitting in the living room, I was watching a magician by the name of David Copperfield performing.  One illusion stood out in my mind, that is the Dekolta Chair.  Copperfield looks through a box of old belongings when behind him appears a love of long ago.  They both appear to reminisce the love they once shared.  She then returns to the table on the stage which has a chair sitting atop of the table and covers herself with a sheet.  Copperfield clearly walks behind the table for all to see, positions the table then joins his long lost love on top of the table. 
While he stands behind her she remains covered seated in the chair.  Copperfield grasps the sheet and pulls it behind him exposing an empty chair.

This was the moment that I wanted to perform illusions as Copperfield.  I have seen numerous of his shows and have many favorite magicians for different reasons.  Magic makes the unbelievable believable.  Magic can help make a bad day fun.  Magic can bring hope.  Magic can make the child smile and the adult smile like the child they once were.

I have included a link to the illusion that started me on my magical journey.  I hope you enjoy and appreciate the talent required to perform the illusion.  Smile like a child again!

October is Magic Month!

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    Carlos has been performing magic for over 20 years.  While a performer always a student.


    November 2012