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You cannot say David Copperfield and not think of Magic.  He is world renowned and known by everyone.  It is one thing to see a large object disappear on stage guessing how it was done and even challenging other audience members as to how it was performed.  You will walk away thinking you are right because no one can disprove your thought.  David Copperfield is good at what he does but there are other magicians who travel the world and have made a name for themselves. 

One in particular is Chad Long.  Not to take away from stage magic but were a magician excels, in my opinion, is when they are able to perform  with an audience that is as close as one foot away.  Talent, skill and mastery of their art is necessary to amaze an audience standing inches away from you.  Stage or close-up, Chad Long will not amaze you - he will change your perception of reality.  Things do not seem to disappear but instead - melt away.  The logical becomes illogical.  Chad Long does not use quick moves to try to persuade you that an illusion is happening, instead he shows you what he is doing casually causing your eyes to argue with your mind as to what you have seen.

I had the opportunity to meet Chad Long and learn from him.  He is a very talented and humble magician amazing people around the world.  Of all the magicians, if there is ever an opportunity to see his performance - go see it, not only once but twice, three times or more if possible.  I can assure you that you will be just as amazed the last time that you saw him as the first.

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    Carlos has been performing magic for over 20 years.  While a performer always a student.


    December 2012